Course Introduction

Course Information:

Associate Prof.: Xiulan Cheng(程秀兰)Email:
Teaching Assistant:
Pengyu Lv(吕朋雨)Email:
Credits/Teaching hours:  
4 Credits;  64hr Teaching hours
Classroom & Time:
Week 1-16, Tue: 东下院410,10:00-11:45AM
Week 1-16, Thu: 东下院410,10:00-11:45AM
Course description:
   This course is the key fundamental course for undergraduates majored Microelectronics, and to teach  the  fundamentals of semiconductor physics and devices.
   This course covers two parts: physics of semiconductor and fundamentals of  semiconductor devices.Fundamentals of semiconductor materials, carrier model and transportation are addressed in the 1st part. And the pn-junction diode, the bipolar junction transistor, the metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitor, and  field-effect transistor are covered in 2nd part.  Besides that, modern MOSFET scaling down trend and other semiconductor device (e.g., solar cell, TFT , etc.) are introduced also.
Course objectives:
   Understand the operation principles of main semicondictor devices
   Know how the electrical characteristics of semiconductor devices depend on their physical parameters and operating conditions.
    Modern Physics ; Advanced Mathematics
《半导体器件基础》/《Semiconductor Device Fundamentals》,Robert F. Pierret,电子工业出版社,2004.11
1.《半导体物理与器件》/《Semiconductor Physics and Device Basic Principle》(第三版),Donald A. Neaman,电子工业出版社,2005.2
Solid State Electronic Devices by B. G. Streetman & S. Banerjee (Prentice Hall, 2000)
Fundamentals of Modern VLSI Devices by Y. Taur & T. H. Ning (Cambridge University Press, 1998)


Attendance 10%
homework 15%
On-course quiz 5%
Project 10%
Midterm+Final Exam 60%


Key point
  • Carrier Models and carrier transport;
  • PN Junction and Electrostatic Charateristics of PN Diode;
  • MOS Structure  and MosFET  Transistor;
  • Bipolar Junction Transistor;
  • Small Signal Models of PN diode;
  • Non-Ideal I-V Curve of PN Diode;
  • Small Signal Model of MOSFET;
  • Modern MOSFET: CMOS Scalability;Velocity Saturation of MOSFET; Short Channel Effect (SCE);SOI Technology;Strained Silicon Technolog; Semiconductor Memory
  • Matlab
  • Sivalco