Course Objective

This course introduce the principles, analysis, and design of CMOS Radio frequency (RF) integrated circuits for wireless communication systems. Besides system level design considerations for RFIC, this course also present  rule-of-thumbs in designing RF main blocks such as Low-Noise-Amplifier (LNA), mixer, Voltage-Controlled-Oscillator (VCO), and Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL). Students are supposed to understand architectures of RF system and master the keypoint of designing RF circuits. They are also required to design circuits and do simulation with Cadence SpectreRF during lab time. By taking this course, students can make good preparations for their research in relevant areas.


Introduction to CMOS RFIC Design




Prof. Jianjun Zhou,

Office Hours

Monday, 12:00-14:00pm, Room 413, MicroelectronicsBuilding


Li Zhe,

TA Office Hours

Monday, 12:00-14:00pm, Room 406, MicroelectronicsBuilding


Communication Theory, Signals and Systems, Analog IC Design






Topics Hours Comments  
1 Introduction 2  
2 RFIC System Overview 4 HW1
3 Low Noise Amplifiers 4 HW2
3 Lab1 2 Lab 1: SpectreRF/LNA Final Project
4 Mixers 4 HW3
5 Voltage-Controlled-Oscillators 4 HW4
6 Lab2 2 Lab2: Mixer/VCO  
7 Phase-Locked-Loop 4  
7 Power Amplifiers 2  
8 Final Project Presentation 4 Final Project Due  
      No Written Final Exam  

Labs(4 hours), SpectreRF simulation oriented

  • Lab 1(2 hours): 1)Learn how to use Cadence SpectreRF;2)Simulate/Design an LNA
  • Lab 2(2 hours): 1)Simulate/Design a Mixer2)Simulate/Design a VCO


  • Design and hand analysis oriented;
  • Attendance (class and lab) also counts;
  • Late work will be penalized

Final Project

  • Work in group to deliver a project presentation;
  • Team leaders get bonus 5 points;
  • Reports count for 5 points.

No Written Final Exam!

Assignments 40%
Project 40%
Lab 20%