Course Introduction

Course Features:

This course is a limited optional course of Microelectronics. It is also suitable for third and fourth grade undergrad students from Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Communication Engineering who are interested in multimedia .



  • Master basic concept of multimedia, types and main function of media;
  • Understand feature of multimedia data, and master common data compression technology;
  • Understand color models in images, master the standard color space transformation , thebasic properties and types of images;
  • Master models and composition of video, know about common coding and decoding protocol of video, master the basic principle of typical video codec;
  • Master models and composition of digital audio, know about common coding and decoding protocol of digital audio, master the basic principle of typical digital audio codec;
  • Understand principle of multimedia processing SOC(system-on-chip);


  • Can describe basic data encoding algorithm;
  • Be familiar with algorithm programming using MATLAB;
  • Be familiar with modeling and verification of media algorithm based on hardware using Simulink and SysGen;
  • Be familiar with description and verification of multimedia processing SOC using SoC Designer;
  • Know about international magazines and conference in multimedia area, and be able to read professional literature;
  • Develop presentation skills;



Assignments 20%
Lab Reports 20%
Class Discussion 5%
Reading 5%
Final Exam 50%

Learning Tips

Basic Concept
  • Types of media;
  • Image color models and color space transform;
  • models and composition of video;
  • models and composition of audio;
  • Image processing algorithm;
  • Typical video codec;
  • Typical audio codec;
  • Use MATLAB to program multimedia processing algorithm;
  • Use Simulink and SysGen to model and veriify multimedia algorithm;
  • Use SOC Designer to describe and verify multimedia processing SOC;