Multimedia Authoring and Tools

1.       Suppose we wish to create a simple animation, as in Figure 1. Note that this image is exactly what the animation looks like at some time, not a figurative representation of the process of moving the fish; the fish is repeated as it moves. State what we need to carry out this objective, and give a simple pseudocode solution for the problem.


Figure 1 : Sprite, progressively taking up more space.

Assume we already have a list of (x,y) coordinates for the fish path, that we have available a procedure for centering images on path positions, and that the movement takes place on top of a video.


2.       Suppose we wish to create a video transition such that the second video appears under the first video through an opening circle (like a camera iris opening), as in Figure 2. Write a formula to use the correct pixels from the two videos to achieve this special effect. Just write your answer for the red channel.


Figure 2: Iris wipe