SoME pays a great attention to scientific research. In recent three years, the school has undertook more than 15 national research programs, such as National Major Science and Technology projects, National 863 programs and National Natural Science Foundation projects. SoME has achieved good results in the research of satellite-navigation RFIC, low-power DSP technology and EDA. SoME also puts emphasis on the VLSI implement for future applications, such as auto- electronics and medical & bio-electronics. SoME receives millions of dollars annually to conduct research in the following areas:

  • Digital Circuit Design and SOC Design
  • Embedded Systems and Architecture
  • RF and Analog Integrated Circuit Design
  • IC Design Automation Technology
  • Microelectronic Devices and Fabrication
  • Bio-medical Electronics


Research Centers


Research Platform

The platform for labs and experiments of the School of Microelectronics is composed of public teaching laboratories and joint laboratories. The public teaching laboratories include Hardware and Software co-design Teaching Laboratory, IC Design and Semiconductor Process Simulation (EDA/TCAD) Teaching Laboratory, and Semiconductor Fabrication Laboratory, while the joint laboratories include Xilinx-SJTU FPGA laboratory, TI-SJTU DSP laboratory, TI-SJTU Semiconductor Test laboratory.