Supported as one of the key programs under construction of “985 project” by the Ministry of Education of China, and listed as one of the nine earliest national training bases for Integrated Circuit(IC) talents, the School of Microelectronics (SoME), insisting on the idea of “Imparting knowledge, capacity building, personality develop” and committed to cultivate leadership, work ability, innovation and a broad vision of top research talent. SoME has formed a training system, including teaching, quality development, school-enterprise cooperation, professional development. Students of SoME have ever received Grand Prize of the National English Contest, First Prize of National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest other awards. Graduates from SoME are welcome by enterprises, student employment orientation is mainly known IC companies, research institutes, the employment rate has remained at 100%.




SoME develop the curriculum programs on the basis of world-class university curriculum system such as Stanford、Michigan、CMU、MIT、Berkley. Core courses are all using English textbook and English multimedia courseware. Experimental courses account for a large proportion.

For more information about courses, please see Undergraduate Core Courses, Graduate Core Courses.