Vice Chancellor of NCTU Shieh Hanping Visited SJTU

On November 8, Shieh Hanping, Vice Chancellor of National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) paid a visit to SJTU. Huang Zhen, Vice President of SJTU, met with the delegation.


Huang Zhen extended warm welcome to the delegation and made a brief introduction about the joint trainning of postgraduates, summer sessions and student exchanges, and also he expressed his hope for further exchange and cooperation. In respond to this, Shieh Hanping expressed that due to the existing foundation these two universities shared, cooperation among professors could be further promoted.

NCTU Prof. Guo Haozhong, Liu Baicun, Ran Xiaowen and associate professor Zou Zhiwei from College of Photonics, Prof. Fang Kaitian, from Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and associate professor Huang Jun from Department of Electronics Engineering, conducted further communication with researcher Guo Xiaojun, associate researchr Lu Jiangang, from School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, Prof. Mao Zhigang, Dean of School of Microelectronics, Prof. Wang Qingkang and associate professor Li Haihua, from Research Institute of Micro/Nano Science and Technology. They also discussed the feasible cooperation in the related fields.


NCTU shares some history with SJTU and they have maintained a favorable exchange and coopertaion with each other. The two universities will take advantage of this meeting so as to
promote the normal communication among professors and further improve the level and quality of exchange and communication.